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Insulation foam pipe .
Insulation foam pipe
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  • China Insulation foam pipe is made of high functional polyether polyol combination and many times methyl multi-phenyl polyisocyanate as raw materials through chemical reaction foam. china insulation foam pipe has excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, adiabatic, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, non-absorbent, easy and fast construction.Doors and windows are not the only places where heat and conditioned air leakage occurs. There are many places around your house where...
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    • China Insulation foam pipe
Product Details


ApplicationsUsed as inner package materials of products

Easy to processed into various parts and etc

Ideal shock-proof packing material for electronic in instruments,precision instruments,optical instruments

Thermal - resistance and superior heat insulation 
SpecifictionsThe specification according customer's requirements

China Insulation foam pipe product details



Insulation foam pipe factory


Our products mainly include:China Insulation foam pipe,backer rod,pool noodle,foam roller,insulation foam pipe,corner/edge protector and special shape epe foam which are widely used in various industries, such as household appliances, curtain walls, vehicles, ships, sports equipment, electronics and IT. Our philosophy is "higher efficiency, superior quality, better price", which guides our company to succeed in export to many counties in Europe, North America, and Asia and win a good reputation and credibility from the majority of our customers after years of efforts by every member of our company.


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