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Yoga Gymnastics Gym Tumbling Mats .
Yoga Gymnastics Gym Tumbling Mats
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  • Yoga Gymnastics Gym Tumbling Mats are perfect for gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts, special needs, yoga, Pilates, exercise and much more! Ideal for gym or home use.
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    • Yoga Gymnastics Gym Tumbling Mats
Product Details

Choose from kids gym tumbling mats in thicknesses from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. If you're looking for mats for tumbling that provide more protection and shock absorption, we offer thicker pads suitable for skill development. Greatmats has such a wide assortment of mats that you can fully equip any gymnasium or training space with all of the supplies that you need for a comprehensive program.

Description - gym tumbling mats offer a portable foam matting solution. These mats are covered with a durable vinyl mat covering and have a Velcro tab system on all 4 sides so that multiple mats can be connected together to cover large areas.

Material – Polyethylene foam encased with 18 oz vinyl fabric

Size – Each mat is 4’ x 8'.

Thickness – Available in 2.0" thickness.

Weight – 23.2 Lbs.

Recommended Uses – Folding mats offer an excellent low cost gymnastics and martial arts matting system that is both portable and durable.

Tumble mats are highly versatile and can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Cheerleading practice

  2. Gymnastics

  3. Yoga

  4. Basic exercise

  5. Play spaces

  6. CrossFit

  7. Floor exercises

  8. Wrestling

  9. Martial arts

Thinking about buying a gym tumbling mat for your home or gym? Here are just a few reasons why that is a wise investment:

  1. Mats are affordable and can instantly create a safe practice or play area

  2. Choose mats of different thicknesses to get varying degrees of firmness and impact protection, allowing you to do different activities

  3. Fold up tumbling mats for convenient storage, even when you have limited space

  4. Since mats are temporary, you can use them to increase the versatility of your facility

  5. Use tumble mats to create a professional training space, or just enhance the safety of your own home

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