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Is FOAM NET, which protects fruits and vegetables, toxic?

When it comes to FOAM NET, which protects fruits and vegetables, we are all no strangers. Especially with the popularity of e-commerce and online shopping, people are seeing it more and more frequently in their lives.

FOAM NET, is a mesh plastic with small air holes obtained by foaming from polyethylene as raw material. Due to the presence of air bubbles, light quality, and the ability to absorb impact loads, foam net cover for vegetables and fruits packaging, can effectively play a cushioning and shockproof role, so as to avoid breakage due to collision and extrusion in storage and transportation. In addition, in addition to the basic protective effect, FOAM NET also has a good breathable effect, which can prevent microbial contamination, thus effectively avoiding fruit decay. Therefore, the existence of FOAM NET is still quite meaningful.


Is FOAM NET harmful to human body?

FOAM NET needs to add foaming agent during the foaming process; in order to improve the bright whiteness of the white foam net cover, some manufacturers will add fluorescent whitening agent; there are also some color FOAM NET, it needs to add coloring agent. Fortunately, these harmful substances are generally in high temperature, long time conditions, contact grease and other organic substances, before easy to migrate from plastic to food. And vegetables and fruits are mostly stored at room temperature, and they are not stored for a long time. Therefore, in general, these harmful substances to the human body is less likely to bring the threat.

However, it should be reminded that FOAM NET itself is difficult to digest and may contain harmful substances, and if it enters the body of children or pets, the consequences are unthinkable.

Therefore, if you have children or small pets at home, remember to keep FOAM NET out of their reach to prevent them from accidentally ingesting it.

Other functions of FOAM NET.

I. Prevent soap from becoming soft

Every time you wash your hands or take a shower at home, you will put the wet soap in the soap box, resulting in a long soaking and softening, thus not being used for long. This time we can put FOAM NET pad on the soap box and then put the soap on it. The fruit net cover can absorb the excess water from the soap and works very well.

Foam fruit net

II. Prevent the slip mat from slipping

Usually, in order to sit on the chair to feel comfortable, we will install a chair cushion. But it often slips, and must be constantly adjusted, so that people headache. At this time, it may be worth adding a fruit net cover in the middle of the chair and chair cushion, which will increase the friction between the chair and the cushion and prevent the cushion from slipping off the chair.

III. Clean dishes 

When eating dishes inevitably stained with grease, cleaning is very troublesome, then we can use the fruit net cover, which is made of polyethylene, containing polyethylene, high density material, smooth surface, able to absorb moisture, and remove stains and grease. Dab it with a little dish detergent and then clean the dishes, chopsticks and spoons, etc. It can remove the grease and dirt, but also does not leave scratch marks on the dishes and spoons.

IV. Heat insulation effect

FOAM NET comes in handy when you don't have enough heat insulation mats at home, especially when you are hosting a dinner party and the table is full of good food. Put the tableware with hot food on FOAM NET, which can protect the table from damage due to high temperature and play a very good heat insulation effect.

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