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Five tips for Foam fruit net


Every family in life buys fruit, and in order to prevent the fruit from being crushed, the fruit is usually packed in a Foam fruit net, foam fruit net can also be used at home in many small places, here to give you a summary of some of the Foam fruit net.

Foam fruit net

1. For example, if you put an egg in a fruit Foam fruit net and then refrigerate it, you can keep it fresh, and you can also protect the egg from being broken.

2. Non-slip effects, such as fruit Foam fruit net on the feet of tables and chairs, can play a non-slip effect, can also protect the floor of the home. Chopping board placed on the table easy to slide, cutting things very inconvenient, you can directly pad two Foam fruit net, pad after very stable.

3. Drain action, soap in the soapbox, often bubble rotten, with leakage of soapbox, the effect is not very good, you can put fruit Foam fruit net in the soapbox, soap on Foam fruit net, this will act as a drain and solve the problem of soaps.

Foam fruit net

4. For example, if a plastic bowl has been used for some time, it will have a layer of dirt on it. You can use a fruit Foam fruit net to clean it. It will not scratch the bowl, and the edges and corners can be wiped clean.

5. Insulation, Foam fruit net on the cup jacket, so that the water will not burn hands, can also be used as a thermal insulation pad to protect the table, as well as a non-slip mat is very useful.

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