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6 ways to use jumping plyo box and its benefits

The jumping plyo box is a platform for explosive power enhancement training, such as height jumping or straddle jumping. It is usually made of thick leather pads and is used in different scenarios. Because it is low cost, easy to make, and versatile.

There are 6 ways to use the jumping plyo box.

1. stepping

Training function: to enhance the leg strength

Training method: walk to the front of a jumping box. Use one leg to stand on the box, and then lift the other leg up, while straightening both legs. Step back, switch to the other side and repeat, repeat.

2. Bobby step over jump

Training function: core control, leg strength

Training method: stand on the side of the box, or another high platform, such as a bench. Do a Bobbi movement, and then jump on the box, so that you stand on top of the box. Drop from the other side, and immediately do another bobby.

3. Elevated push-ups

Training function: arms, chest and core strength

Training method:First do the flat support position, feet on the box, or on high, hands on the floor in front of you. Push down so that your chest is close to the ground, then push up again and repeat the movement.

4. Box jump

Training function: leg strength

Training method: stand in front of a box. Jump on the box and land on both feet. Jump down from the box, and then immediately jump up again.

5. Bobbi jumping box

Training function: conditioning, leg, arm and core strength

Training method:Stand in front of a box and place your hands on the floor in front of you to form a squat position. Kick your feet back to the rear and land on your lower body. Tuck your feet back into the squat position as quickly as possible, then immediately stand up and jump up on the box. Jump down and repeat.

6. Split Squat

Training function: leg strength

Training method: stand with your legs apart, legs up on the box, bench surface. Keep your front feet flat on the ground, then lower your body until your knees are close to the ground, and then lower your back and repeat the movement. Be sure to switch sides.

jumping plyo box

Benefits of jumping plyo box training.

1. Training explosive power, using the body's strength to quickly "jump" up to the jump box, which is the most basic training explosive action, jumping itself contains speed and power, the development of rapid power, which is different from the usual heavy training: squats, hard lifts, training methods are somewhat different.

2. Easy to adjust the intensity, the height of the jump box can be changed at will, according to the height of their own jumps, it is recommended to avoid the challenge of too high jump box at the beginning, easy to get injured.

3. Training hip extension ability, box jumping training not only stimulate explosive power, strengthen the lower body, but also test your hip extension power and flexibility. Although most athletes do box jumping training emphasize the sense of speed, but jump too fast or jump too much at once, the movement process is easy to shorten the hip extension. Therefore, although the speed is important, but good jumping action, is to promote sports performance to a higher level ah!

4. improve cardio capacity, when you jump each time, training explosive power, but also to strengthen your cardio function, while improving balance is also quite helpful. This aerobic and plyometric training, a high-intensity jumping and interval rest, will require more oxygen to promote fat burning, energy generation, so that the heart with higher efficiency, a large number of blood transported to the lower limb muscle groups.
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