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Product parameters and characteristics of Aluminum insulation pipe


Introduction to the parameters of Aluminum insulation pipe

Auspicious Plastic
$488(Contact Customer Service)
Black tube
Cross-sectional shapeRound tube
Wall thickness6mm
UseThermal insulation
Outer diameter
Available for saleGlobal

Aluminum insulation pipe

Aluminum insulation pipe features.

1. Shockproof: The material is high foam, the insulation board and pipe are soft and elastic, thus achieving good shockproof effect

2. Heat insulation: with a detailed independent bubble structure, no air convection

3. Sound insulation: with independent fine air chamber, strong sound insulation

4. Temperature: not easy to start material changes, suitable for project cooling purposes

5.Waterproof: The material is rubber and plastic closed bubble structure, each air chamber is in a closed state.

6. Anti-corrosion: The material is polymer, which can completely prevent the erosion of acid and alkali salt

7. Processing: easy to cut, easy to bond, soft and flexible material, especially easy to install and work

Insulation pipe

Aluminum insulation pipe main application: can be widely used in industry, large central air conditioning, machinery and equipment of various piping.

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