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Product introduction and usage of soft plyo jumping box


Product parameters of soft plyo jumping box

brandAuspicious Plastic
texture of materialPVC/EPE
Processing and customizationYES
colourBlue, red, black, green, etc
Number of jump box sections3
Specification of jump box3
Applicable occasionsIndoor, outdoor
Place of saleGlobal

Soft plyo jumping box product specifications:

Can be customizedlength(cm)width(cm)height(cm)
6 inches90
12 inches90
18 inches90
24 inches90

Product advantages:

The new soft plyo jumping box is made of high density foam wrapped with vinyl outside. These soft jumping boxes have two advantages: first, they are more moderate in hardness and foam density, and are more suitable for vigorous jumping exercises. Secondly, because the edge of the box is soft, it is not easy to get hurt even if careless mistakes occur. These boxes are of various heights and can also be tied together with Velcro belts to form a higher platform.

soft plyo jumping box

Soft plyo jumping box is known as a kind of enhanced training, which helps to improve the explosive force and is widely used. The height of the box should be between 6 and 42 inches, depending on the athlete's ability. Once the height is determined, the athlete stands in front of the box with his feet shoulder width apart. Then prepare, jump to the box, and gently fall on the box. Then, walk down and repeat it for a specified number of times.

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