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How to wash U profile foam, can be washed with water


U profile foam is filled with polyethylene foam and can be washed and dehydrated in the washing machine, just like normal laundry. If the color of U profile foam has changed, you can use some vinegar, add some baking soda and a little laundry detergent to stir together, sprinkle or spray on the U profile foam, wipe with a hot water cloth, or use a wet rag to wipe down the surface.surface, dry cleaning can be.

U profile foam

Cleaning steps for U profile foam.

1. Take out the U profile foam and put it in a basin

2. Then sprinkle salt and gently stir by hand

3. Then use a towel to wrap the U-shaped foam and rub it, so that it can be cleaned

4. After washing, you need to air dry, which should be better. The easiest way is to brush the U profile foam with laundry detergent, then wash it well, then put it in a ventilated place and dry it for a few days.

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