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table corner foam manufacturer China


Product parameters of table corner foam:

Auspicious Plastic
Wall thickness
Available for saleGlobal
TypePlastic corner protector
QualityExport quality

table corner foam

Table corner foam is made of low density polyethylene resin LDPE by physical foaming to produce numerous independent bubbles. Because of its flexibility and light weight and elasticity, it can absorb and disperse the external impact force through bending to achieve the effect of cushioning, and at the same time has a series of superior characteristics such as heat insulation and moisture, heat insulation and anti-friction, corrosion resistance. In the packaging and transportation, filling, furniture industry and other aspects are playing an important role.

Advantages of table corner foam: 1.

1. Superior cushioning protection performance. Because of the superior cushioning elasticity, like thousands of small springs tightly protected around the table corner, can effectively absorb the harsh impact, stable protection performance

2. High safety protection performance. No static electricity, no odor, no dust, no corrosion, no microorganisms and parasites, crystal white. The design of special shape structure, interlocking particles fixed, the product does not shift due to vibration, protection effect. Pearl cotton tube bar products because it does not contain toxic ingredients harmful to human beings, burning does not produce toxic substances, so it is a buffer performance of environmental protection materials

3. Wide applicability, any shape and size of the table corner can be applied

4. Reusable, cost saving. table corner foam can be used repeatedly and the efficiency will not decline, so it can be recycled many times, which can be environmentally friendly and can save money.

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