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How to judge the quality of foam protection tube


foam protection tube is made of polyethylene resin as the main body, plus foaming agent, cross-linking agent and other additives, is a very important buffer material. It has a small density, density 0.05-0.14g/cm3, the smallest up to 0.01g/cm3; cushioning, heat resistance, water absorption is small; chemical properties are stable, not easy to be corroded; mechanical properties, tough, flexible, friction resistance; processing performance is good, easy to shape; cheaper price and other advantages.

foam protection tube

Density is an important property of foam protection tube, density has an impact on many properties of foam. foam protection tube compression strength and foam density has a great relationship. Density increases the compression strength of the foam to improve the compression strength of polyurethane rigid foam is an important indicator. Because the temperature changes in the bubble pore gas due to expansion or contraction of the formation of the pressure inside the bubble pore and the pressure difference between the outside atmosphere, such as the compression strength of foam is less than this pressure difference, the foam will shrink and change shape.

PE foam roller

To determine the quality of foam protection tube operation steps.

①, the sample to be measured on the densitometer measuring table, stable, press the "Enter" key memory empty weight (the weight of the sample in the air).

②, put the sample to be measured into water, press "Enter" key to memorize the water weight (the weight of the sample in water) after stabilization. The densitometer will directly display the density of the measured sample. Press "Set" key to display the density and volume of the measured sample in turn.

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