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Application and advantages of foam floor underlayment


foam floor underlayment is a kind of plastic floor which will deform under the action of external force and can basically recover after unloading It is widely used in Europe and America, especially in shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, hospitals, etc.

In the actual laying process, each sheet and each sheet are generally overlaid with joints, and then connected with adhesive tape to ensure the sealing and moisture-proof effect. The thickness of moisture-proof membrane stack is about 2-4mm, and the position of wall foot should be considered when laying moisture-proof membrane, so as to effectively prevent moisture from infiltrating into the wood floor from underground. The main function of paving is to buffer between the wood floor and the ground, increase the comfort of the wood floor and play a silent function. The only disadvantage of having holes in the floor underlay for effective heat dissipation is that it costs a little more. For a 100 square meter house, the floor area is about 40 square meters, so it costs about 300 yuan more.

If it is a well decorated house, the wood floor can be dismantled, only need to replace, the floor will have obvious changes. If you are decorating, you can directly use the foam floor underlayment with cooling holes.

foam floor underlayment

Advantages of foam floor underlayment:

1. The foam floor underlayment can have a solid plane, which can prevent the whole ground from sinking to a certain extent.

2. The foam floor underlayment can also meet the heat transfer requirements of the floor insulation layer, block the heat transfer to a certain extent, and protect the pipeline well.

3.The main function of foam floor underlayment is to prevent penetration. Therefore, polyethylene high elastic foam cushion can be used as a joint board in underground pipes and other places where seepage prevention is needed. In addition to the function of anti penetration, because the density of sealant plate of closed cellular polyethylene foam is very small, it can resist abnormal high temperature and low temperature, and stability is among the most numerous materials. In addition, it has excellent aging resistance. No matter acid, alkali, salt or oil, it will not be affected easily.

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