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Ten popular exercise methods of PE foam roll

You must know 10 ways to use PE foam roll. You can often see PE foam roll relaxing in the gym, but many people do it wrong.

Today, I've prepared 10 PE foam roll sports for you. Let's see!

1. Squeezing muscles on PE foam roll is a kind of self massage. Many people will like this kind of massage after exercise, or it is a way of exercise without overwork at rest. Some studies support the idea that damaged muscles may repair themselves more quickly by massage.

PE foam roll

More importantly, it feels good. If you feel your muscles have knots or trigger points, or feel better after PE foam roll practice, that's a good reason to spend some time practicing.

2. When using the drum, please put the PE foam roll on the floor, and then put part of your body on the drum. You put your hands and feet on the floor, or in any case, they will be placed on the floor, then move back and forth, so that they roll on the foam cylinder.

3. Try to put your feet in, out and forward to exercise the whole hamstring. Balance your hands, place your hamstrings on the roller, and roll from the bottom of your gluteus maximus to your knees. To increase the load, you can fold one leg over the other.

4. Keep the forearm balanced and place the upper part of the inner thigh on the PE foam roll. From this position, roll all the way to the adductor tubercle, just above the inside of the knee. While there, the medial femoris can be tightened.

Axis of motion

5. Lie on your side and place the gluteus maximus on the PE foam roll. Balance with one elbow, land on the same leg and roll the side of the gluteus maximus from top to bottom.

6. It's like you're going to roll up your hamstrings, but sit on the PE foam roll. Roll your gluteus maximus.

7. Roll along the leg from knee to ankle.

8. Cross your arms in front of your chest, lie face up, and place the roller under the middle of your back. Raise the gluteus maximus and roll from the bottom of the scapula to the top of the pelvis. Emphasize one side at a time and tilt slightly to one side.

The movement mode of PE foam roll

9. Put your arms behind your head, lie flat, roll in the middle of your back; your hips should be on the ground. Roll up, and when you reach the height of your armpit, reverse the direction. This is helpful to correct kyphosis.

10. Lie on your side with the same arm over your head. The roller should be located at the beginning of the attachment of the shoulder blade. Roll to the armpit.
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