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Tumbling mat Supplier reminds you how to choose a Tumbling mat


There are a lot of Tumbling mat Suppliers on the market, so it is important to be more accurate in choosing a Tumbling mat Supplier. Next, Auspicious Plastic will take you through the good and bad of Tumbling mat.

Tumbling mat Supplier

Classification by material of Tumbling mat.

1. PE cotton and PVC

PE cotton is a widely used, high-performance foam. PE products are known as pollution-free products, is currently recognized as an environmentally friendly materials; environmental protection, non-toxic, product production process, does not cause environmental pollution, products in use, easy to recycle, do not cause serious air pollution when incinerated.

Among them, the use of PE cotton products used to produce Tumbling mat are mainly the following two kinds: XPE and EPE.

The earliest Tumbling mat is EPE material, EPE is a plastic foam material, there are many small bubble hollow in the middle of the material. The current domestic basically are EPE material. This material is safe and environmentally friendly, the disadvantage is that the bubble hollow is relatively large, the resilience is not good, once the bubble hollow pressure broken can not be recovered permanently.

XPE material, is an improved type of EPE based on the bubble hollow than EPE is much smaller, so the elasticity is much better and softer, the majority of imported Tumbling mat is XPE.

Tumbling mat of this material has a smooth surface, comfortable and soft, and a certain amount of resilience to avoid accidental damage to the brain and knees, and also has good warmth and softness, adjustable softness and thickness, light weight and other characteristics.

Compared with EPE, XPE is more environmentally friendly, more dense, not easy to deformation, service life can be longer.

The last kind is pvc floor mat. This mat in addition to the above advantages thought there is an advantage is very durable, more comfortable, the disadvantage is that the price is high.

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of Tumbling mat.


1. Safe and environmentally friendly, stable nature, non-toxic and tasteless.

2. can print patterns

Disadvantages: 1.

1. pe class Tumbling mat density is lower than eva, service life is not as long as eva mats. pvc density and resilience is better than eva mats. 2.

2. EVA - Tumbling mat (not recommended)

EVA Tumbling mat is through the EVA plastic particles foam molding, the manufacture of such mats. eva resin is non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, but the manufacturing process of this product in the manufacture of the product will produce toxic and irritating odor, so Tumbling mat safety does not depend mainly on the level of technology, the market has a safe and environmentally friendly eva mats, more to Imported mainly.

But now some companies are not formal, the use of trimmings or recycled material production EVA Tumbling mat, where the main components have changed, is not simply EVA, there are many other plastics, there will be serious safety risks of formamide.

The problem of trimmings and recycled materials.

Edge material is made after the product is cut according to the different shapes, some excess material tail, side strips. They are foamed, foaming again will bring EVA physical properties of the impact. Edge material can significantly reduce production costs, almost all do EVA are using edge material.

Recycled material, that is, waste, recycled plastic, recycled old material and other re-melting furnace, by adding excess plasticizer to make it again into processing raw materials. This is worse than the corners, not only is not durable, and release a lot of toxic substances harmful to the body, the human body is very harmful.


The general family can choose the EPE model, cost-effective, middle-class families can give due consideration to XPE, price insensitive not poor people then choose the pure imported PVC it.

Tumbling mat by thickness classification.

Thickness comparison requires the same material to have comparative significance, for example, 7, 8mm thick epe may not be more soft and comfortable than the more 5mm higher density xpe.

Common Tumbling mat Supplier thicknesses are as follows.


Common in the portable Tumbling mat, this Tumbling mat general length and width is not too large, mainly can be folded to a compact position, easy to carry when traveling.

Because of the thin, saving material, so the price is also cheaper than the same area of Tumbling mat, the price is better.


About 1 finger thickness, between the thin and thick compromise, 10mm partly retain the advantages of thin - not too expensive, but also partly bring the disadvantages of thicker - collection is less convenient. Also because of its mediocrity, may also be the market sales of the larger models.


When this thickness is reached or exceeded, Tumbling mat Supplier usually deliberately marked with large red highlighting that this is the "thicker", "extra thick" models to indicate their distinctive identity. There is no doubt that the thicker the thickness of the same material and the same area of the same brand, the more expensive the price.

By size Tumbling mat classification.

1. Tumbling mat

Also known as Le buckle mat, refers to a piece of Tumbling mat in the form of a buckle connected together. Tumbling mat is square, different businesses are free to produce different sizes of each piece of Tumbling mat, there is no uniform standard, all buy a manufacturer of Tumbling mat later, later to expand the area, can not choose b manufacturers, still need to continue to buy a manufacturer of the same type of product.

Blue tumbling mat


(1) can be based on the actual size of the space needed and the size of the room space, reasonable allocation, the size of the free DIY Tumbling mat.

2) When not in use, easy to disassemble, easier to clean, does not take up space, easy to organize and place.

(3) If there are enough pieces of Tumbling mat, you can build a variety of different shapes at will.

(4) a piece of frequently used broken, you can only replace the piece, the whole Tumbling mat is good again.


1. The splice is always naturally split open, in a state of insufficient solidity, which is a general problem of the splicing mat.

2. The same Tumbling mat Supplier of the same material crawling mat, to achieve the same area, splicing out of the price more expensive.

3. generally can not be carried out.

Summary of the Tumbling mat Supplier:

Before buying a Tumbling mat, consider whether you want to use it mainly at home or outdoors, the thicker it is in the ideal situation of unlimited space and money, the better, of course, but there is still the problem of inconvenience of carrying.

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