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Aluminum insulation pipe manufacturers and construction process


Aluminum insulation pipe is a kind of rubber insulation material with a thin layer of aluminum foil in the outer layer of the material, there are aluminum foil composite rubber insulation board and aluminum foil composite rubber insulation pipe. aluminum insulation pipe in addition to the common characteristics of rubber insulation materials, such as small density, low thermal conductivity, fire and flame retardant performance, thermal insulation Insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, vibration and shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, green environmental protection, etc., and its special properties, due to the addition of a layer of aluminum foil, aluminum foil for the material to provide a protective role, can resist more external environment on the harm of rubber insulation materials, anti-ultraviolet, ozone, water vapor, acid and alkali substances, thus delaying the aging of aluminum foil composite rubber insulation materials, increasing the service life.

Aluminum insulation pipe

Aluminum insulation pipe can be used for RV roof insulation, some house roofs can also be used. If you want to install more convenient, you can buy aluminum foil composite rubber insulation board with backing, when using only need to tear open the back of the kraft paper can be easily installed on. Aluminum foil composite rubber insulation pipe can be used in some outdoor pipelines, due to the addition of a layer of aluminum foil, play a better protection role than with no aluminum foil rubber insulation pipe life longer, in addition to the aluminum foil surface smooth, bright color, decorative effect is also good.

Aluminum insulation pipe construction process and application.

In the middle of the plastic pipe wall to add a layer of aluminum layer, plus the two sides of the bonding layer, a total of five layers. Increased aluminum layer not only better prevent oxygen from entering the pipe, but also has the characteristics of metal pipe, pressure, high temperature, easy to bend, not rebound, not easy to aging cracking, greatly extending the service life.

Aluminum insulation pipe according to the middle of the aluminum layer welding process, and is divided into aluminum layer lap welding aluminum plastic tube and aluminum layer butt welding aluminum plastic tube, aluminum layer lap welding production process is an early European production process, this aluminum plastic tube has 2 major defects, one is the aluminum layer staggered lap welding together, can not detect whether the weld solid, there is a risk of false welding, which is the previous many with aluminum plastic tube The reason for the burst pipe leakage; another defect is that the aluminum-plastic tube a circle of uneven thickness of the aluminum layer, in the lap where the aluminum layer is 2 layers, thicker, other places is a thin layer, in connection with the copper joint when a circle of uneven force, in the case of thermal expansion and contraction will appear at the joint leakage, which is the prevalence of the beginning and end of the heating and copper joint leakage of water.

This is the reason for the later invention of the middle aluminum layer butt welding aluminum plastic pipe, this middle aluminum layer port butt welding together, you can front laser welding, back ultrasonic online inspection, to ensure that 100% welding solid, will not appear false welding, will not appear due to false welding burst pipe phenomenon; and Aluminum insulation pipe a circle of aluminum layer thickness uniform, and copper joint butt, a circle of uniform force, will not appear because of thermal expansion and contraction of uneven force leakage phenomenon.

Aluminum insulation pipe Manufacturer from china

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