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The use and maintenance of epe foam roller


The epe foam roller, also known as a yoga pole, is a cylindrical fitness tool made of a special material that has been widely used in myofascial relaxation, warm-up, and core muscle training.

epe foam roller

The greatest effect of the epe foam roller is to relax the fascia in the target area by rolling, thus easing or even eliminating the soreness, pain, and other discomfort caused by the provocation point.

The epe foam roller "rolls" the area of the painful spot and the corresponding area to reduce adhesions and soreness/pain. This is the most basic principle of the foam roller to relax the muscles and relieve pain.

In short, the use of epe foam roller to relax the fascia, can promote muscle circulation, improve muscle stiffness / soreness / soreness, to improve the quality of life and sports performance is helpful.

The epe foam roller is the most common entry-level foam shaft. Inexpensive, light weight, with a certain cushioning effect, especially for friends with limited budget to buy. However, the epe foam roller can be easily damaged when it is bumped or hit by sharp objects.

Four principles to master when using epe foam roller.

1. epe foam roller, if used properly, can be used as a warm-up means before exercise, but also after exercise as a means of relaxation. However, if the use of epe foam roller makes your muscles unusually painful, and affect your next sports performance or recovery, then you need to immediately adjust your massage method.

2. In the epe foam roller rolling when you may feel particularly sore, sometimes even unbearable. For this reason, many people will deliberately speed up the speed of rolling to reduce the pain. However, too fast a massage can greatly affect the effectiveness of the foam roller to relax the fascia. What you need to do is to concentrate on your balance and roll as slowly as possible.

3. In order to achieve the best massage effect, you need to massage from multiple angles. If you know a little muscle anatomy, then you can follow the direction of the muscle fibers to roll.

4. Spend about 10 minutes a day to do a short but effective relaxation for your muscles. This can promote muscle recovery, prevent sports injuries, and in the long run can also improve your sports performance. Of course, persistence is most important.

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How to maintain your epe foam roller:

1. Do not expose the epe foam roller to sunlight for long periods of time.

2. Don't use chemicals or bleach-based cleaning agents to clean your epe foam roller.

3. Do not soak directly in the liquid.

4. Do not use steel wire or too hard and rough tools to clean the epe foam roller.

5. Use water, with soap, epe foam roller can be simply cleaned and wiped.
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