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Price, advantages and disadvantages of Insulation foam roll

Introduction to Insulation foam rolls

Insulation foam rolls are white objects made from polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid blowing agents that have been heated and preheated in a mould. Polystyrene foam sheets are characterised by their microscopic closed-cell structure and are highly effective in terms of insulation.

Insulation foam roll price

Insulation foam roll is a high quality insulation material, but in terms of price it is very reasonably priced compared to the usual insulation materials and there is not much difference. The price of Insulation foam roll varies from one size to another, but is in the range of a few tens to a few hundred. Depending on the quality, prices can range from 100-600 USD per cubic metre.

Insulation foam roll


1. light weight.

2. Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity is under 0.039 due to its air-filled mass pore structure, which prevents air from spreading.

3. good impact resistance due to the fact that 98% of the space in the sheet is filled with air, which has sufficient capacity to cushion external impacts by changing and reverting shape.

4. low water absorption. Research has proven that humidity affects the thermal and mechanical properties of the material and that the low water absorption of the material helps to maintain these properties.

5. recyclability.

6. the non-application of Freon in the production process

7. the lowest energy consumption in the whole life cycle of a plastic product.

PE foam roller


1. construction is cumbersome and takes a long time.

2. Flammable and toxic.

3. Poor material strength, prone to cracking.

4. Insulation foam rolls have poor load-bearing capacity due to their limited strength.

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