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7 advantages and functions of pe foam pipe


pe foam pipe is made of polyethylene resin as the main body, plus foaming agent, cross-linking agent and other additives, is a very important buffer material. It has a small density, as small as 0.01/cm3; cushioning, heat resistance, water absorption is small; stable chemical properties, not easy to be corroded; good mechanical properties, tough, flexible, friction-resistant; good processing properties, easy to shape; cheaper price and other advantages.

pe foam pipe

High-density polyethylene foam pipe also has the following seven advantages.

1, excellent wear resistance, wear resistance strength is 7 times that of carbon steel.

2, small coefficient of friction, good non-adhesion.

3, high impact strength, especially the low temperature impact resistance is excellent.

4, excellent chemical stability; in addition to a very small number of solvents to its corrosive, common inorganic, organic acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents are not corrosive to this material, is an inert material.

5, excellent anti-aging properties, in natural sunlight conditions, pe foam pipe aging life of 50 years.

6. environmental protection: recyclable environmentally friendly packaging products, no pollution to the atmosphere, harmless to humans, animals and plants, ph value of neutral; unit structure: non-cross-linked closed bubble pore. 7;

7. non-absorbent, impact resistant, soft and flexible;


The role of pe foam pipe.

pe foam pipe almost does not absorb water, impermeable to water vapor, long-term use in a wet environment will not be damp, so the thermal conductivity can remain unchanged, and for soft foam plastic, has a good flexibility. The tightening function is poor, and there is tightening creep when used under pressure, so it is widely used in construction projects.

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