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Role of U profile foam


What is U profile foam, in fact, U profile foam in the current home decoration and usually in the most commonly used, U profile foam in addition to beautiful walls, but also can strengthen the corner, can be good to avoid dents and other damage to the corner, to play a protective role, if you have children at home, it should consider installing it, our soft material, can protect children from bumps and bruises our soft material, can protect children from bumps and bruises.

U profile foam

Home improvement in the installation of U profile foam has those benefits that, we all know that after the completion of the renovation to move into the house furniture and household items are more, if you accidentally bump the corners, then you feel you will be heartbroken not, usually have children running around again home, inevitably hit the corners, U profile foam because of the rounded has a certain buffering effect; wall is generally a single color U profile foam has now been commonly used in the decoration, should belong to the people to life back to the basics of a kind of recognition it.

What are the advantages of U profile foam, wall U profile foam has a good impact resistance, but also to prevent aging, but also has corrosion resistance, if you want to combine with putty can be very good to enhance the impact resistance of the corner, can maintain the long-term beauty of the corner and not be destroyed, can be implemented simultaneously with the main project, the use of the process without the use of leaning board, simple operation, construction U profile foam can form a right-angle edge on the prism of the plaster work to resist rupture or cracking, and protect and reinforce the most vulnerable part of the plaster, and its mesh wings can be firmly embedded in the full depth of the plaster applied on either side of the prism. Because the corners of plaster are most vulnerable to damage during construction and when the building is finished, the use of U profile foam enhances the strength of the wall and saves a lot of time because it is easy to apply. Corner strips are quick and easy to work with, and have a wide range of usefulness for strengthening corners.

If the home to install wall U profile foam, it is best to distance from the floor in 400 - 500mm, but the overall still to buy the size of the U profile foam how long, but need to pay attention to is not directly to the ground. How to install the wood, you can use the universal adhesive, you can also use the rubber bar.


 In Europe, America, Japan and Australia and other developed countries, U profile foam has long been widely used, in recent years, because of its own superiority, in the world to get rapidly popularized use.
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