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Prices and advantages of U profile foam

What is U profile foam?

U profile foam is a new type of protection material specially designed for wall corners, door corners and window corners that are difficult to construct. Firstly, it is decorative, highlighting the effect of "corner" and realizing the color partition; secondly, it covers the direction of the line, and also plays the role of masking when the joint between the wall and the ceiling is not at right angles, in short, it plays the role of covering up the ugliness; thirdly, it is anti-collision ability, avoiding the repeated repair of the gap that occurs when the corner is touched during the construction process. Trouble.

U profile foam

Price of U profile foam.

U profile foam has different lengths that have different prices, generally used foam material of a meter is required 6 U.S. dollars, if the length of the requirements of the price will be slightly more expensive. u profile foam has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, etc., is able to protect the wall, in the choice of corner protector is required to choose according to the actual situation Different lengths are needed to reduce the damage to the wall.

Advantages of U profile foam.

Advantage one: with corrosion resistance. Impact resistance, anti-aging, better paste, putty fully combined and other advantages, greatly enhancing the impact resistance of the corner. Can better protect the wall can also maintain the original beauty of the wall.

Advantage 2: The operation of U profile foam is relatively simple, construction is also very fast, if the procedure is simplified is able to accelerate the speed of construction, but also to reduce the cost of the project, improve the quality of the project. This corner guard strip can be implemented simultaneously with the main project.

Advantage three: the price of U profile foam is relatively cheap, because the use of corner protectors to improve the speed of construction, thus saving construction costs, enough to exceed the use of it and increase the cost of materials, and the building decoration grade is greatly improved is our great net gain.

Construction method of U profile foam.

First, the construction of the building body less than 2 meters from the ground can be operated by horizontal ruler construction, more than 2 meters above the need to hang line operation. Rainy day construction is prohibited.

Second, the completed wall in the powder coated 4-6mm cement mortar, from top to bottom according to the hanging line to anchor the corner guard mesh strips in the wall, the requirements to the wall compaction, so that cement mortar from the mesh holes gushing out.

table corner foam

Third, the next process needs to be more than 12 hours before proceeding, to prevent the mortar is not solidified when the collision displacement or deformation.

Fourth, paste the corner guard mesh to be operated by a person, verticality control error within 2mm, to carefully operate to meet the requirements. The length can be cut arbitrarily.

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