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Insulation foam roll advantages and disadvantages introduction

A, Insulation foam roll advantages.

1、Insulation foam roll has a small density coefficient, good impact resistance, and sufficient ability to cushion the external impact by changing and reverting the shape.

2, with independent bubble structure, a small area of damage will not affect the entire wall.

3, its surface has low water absorption and good anti-penetration performance, which can effectively avoid wall problems such as mold and peeling after the wall is exposed to moisture.

4、It is not affected by temperature. High temperature, Insulation foam roll will not melt and flow due to high temperature, low temperature will not occur because of low temperature and brittle cracking phenomenon;.

Insulation foam roll

5, Insulation foam roll is recyclable material, can be recycled, its recycling degree is the highest among plastics.

6、No Freon is used in the production process.

7, the whole life cycle of energy consumption in the plastic products in the lowest.

Second, Insulation foam roll disadvantages.

1、Construction needs to hang a net, the construction process is tedious and the construction period is long.

2, flammable, toxic gas after burning. Ordinary Insulation foam roll easy to burn, burning smoke generated by toxic, even after adding flame retardants, combustibility can only reach B grade.

3, poor material strength, easy to produce cracking phenomenon, insulation layer off phenomenon is more common;.

4, Insulation foam roll due to its own strength is limited, poor load-bearing capacity, the need to strengthen the treatment when tiling.

foam roll

5, Insulation foam roll quality is not stable, because the material needs to be placed for a period of time before leaving the factory, after a period of maturity before use, if not matured thoroughly, the quality will not be guaranteed, resulting in foam board shrinkage cracking.

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