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The characteristics and applications of foam floor underlayment in life


Foam floor underlayment is a mat buried under the geothermal floor, has the role of protecting the floor and heating, is a new material that has started to emerge in recent years in China.

foam floor underlayment

foam floor underlayment products features.

(1)Good heat insulation performance

(2)High heat resistance. Heat resistance up to 400 ℃ or more, there is no thermal decomposition, will not cause insulation failure.

(3)Green environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless. foam floor underlayment does not contain any toxic ingredients, foaming agent and various additives are no volatile harmful substances, which is beneficial to the indoor environment.

(4)Strong bearing capacity. The compressive strength is 0.6~0.8 MPa, and the compressive resistance is better.

(5) Low cost of use. The cost is 30% to 40% lower than polystyrene foam, with obvious economic advantages.

(6) Simple process, fast construction. Construction speed is 1/3 faster than polystyrene foam board.

The use of foam floor underlayment features.

(1)Light weight: density is between 160-1700kg/m3, 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete, which is a light weight product.

(2)Excellent heat insulation: compared with ordinary concrete, it has good heat insulation (0.05kcal/mh. c), which is about 20-30 times of ordinary concrete.

(3)Strength can be selected: the strength, size and thickness of the product can be customized according to customer requirements.

(4)Sound insulation: foam floor underlayment can form independent bubbles, and the sound absorption capacity can reach 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times of ordinary concrete, fully solving the sound insulation problem of living space.

(5) Low water absorption rate: foam has strong and independent foam connection, water absorption rate is within 25%. It has moisture-proof and seepage resistance performance.

(6) Soft cushioning to external force: superior seismic resistance, soft cushioning to external force, which can disperse the pressure to other parts and improve the seismic performance.

foam floor underlayment Manufacturer

The use range of foam floor underlayment: The use range is very wide and can be suitable for more than 80% of the environment.

1.Residential: independent houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc.

2. Public buildings: schools, libraries, hospitals, banks, clubs, restaurants, etc.

3. Sports and entertainment facilities: soccer fields, gymnasiums, tennis courts, swimming pools.

4. Industrial facilities: factory workshops, plants, baths, facilities insulation, etc.

5. Other: greenhouse, botanical garden, transportation facilities, airport, etc.

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