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Seven advantages of Insulation foam roll


Insulation foam roll is a flexible, closed-cell elastic material with excellent properties such as softness, bending resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, water resistance, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption, etc. Insulation foam roll is very popular in the construction industry and insulation industry, and is a great achievement in the chemical and chemical field.

insulation foam with aluminum foil

Insulation foam roll's product performance advantages:

1、Insulation foam roll low thermal conductivity, with a detailed independent bubble structure, no air convection, closed-hole structure, insulation effect lasting good, the material and water vapor isolation. When the average temperature is 0℃, the thermal conductivity of this material is 0.034w/mk, while its surface heat release coefficient is high, so under the same external conditions, Insulation foam roll thickness is thinner than other insulation materials by more than half can achieve the same insulation effect, thus saving the space of insulation layer and saving investment.

2, flame retardant performance: by adding flame retardants can make rubber insulation materials have a good fire-retardant effect, good fireproof effect of the material needs to reach B1 level or more flame-retardant level, to ensure safety and reliability.

3, easy to install, beautiful appearance, good flexibility, easy and convenient installation.

4, anti-vibration characteristics: Insulation foam roll has a high elasticity, so it can largely reduce the vibration and resonance of chilled water and hot water pipes in the process of use.

5、Other advantages: Insulation foam roll is very safe to use, will not irritate the skin, nor will it harm health. They can prevent the growth of mold, to avoid vermin or rodent bites, and acid resistance and alkali resistance, use stability is also very good.

6、The biggest advantage of Insulation foam roll is long service life, relatively low price, easy to install, not easy to fall off, low maintenance costs. Can also be reused. In the long run, the comprehensive cost and long-term economic benefits of Insulation foam roll is far greater than other insulation materials. insulation foam roll is an economic and energy-saving pipe insulation materials.

At the same time, through the comparison of several insulation materials of a pipeline insulation project, it is proved that the comprehensive cost of Insulation foam roll decreases with the increase of years. According to the heat loss of pipeline heat transfer, in each heating period, the use of rubber insulation pipe than the use of other insulation materials can reduce the thermal cost of 1/2.

7, Insulation foam roll can be widely used in central air conditioning, construction, chemical, light textile, metallurgy, communication, vehicles, electrical appliances and other industries and parts of all kinds of hot and cold media pipelines, containers, can achieve the effect of reducing cold loss and heat loss. Its better temperature and weather resistance makes it very suitable for solar water heater hot water pipe insulation; automobile air conditioning pipe, steam pipe insulation; can also be widely used in shock absorption and noise reduction and other occasions.

Insulation foam roll

In addition, Insulation foam roll can effectively solve the problem of equipment freezing in winter, especially for some special important instruments, valve actuators, etc. Insulation foam roll can also be added in the insulation sleeve electric tracing system, to some very low temperature environment in need of anti-freezing equipment to play a very good role.
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