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Properties and applications of insulation foam with aluminum foil


Product parameters of insulation foam with aluminum foil

Auspicious Plastic
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Product CategoriesInsulation board
Flexural strengthExcellent
Compressive strengthExcellent
ApplicationsThermal insulation
Available for saleGlobal

insulation foam with aluminum foil

Characteristics of insulation foam with aluminum foil

Heat insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation, cushioning, shock resistance, flexibility, light weight, anti-friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of use.

Application of insulation foam with aluminum foil

Automobile, air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, household appliances, engineering refrigeration and refrigeration and freezing, etc.; lining material for skates, sports shoes, sports shoe insoles, luggage back pads, surfboards, kneeling pads; base material for high-grade foam tape products; heat insulation and heat preservation material for construction such as ice house, cold-proof building, light roof, building installation, etc.; seat, car interior, roof, footrest pad, sun visor material for automobile; electrical appliances, precision instruments, instruments and other electronic products. The shockproof cushioning packaging of electronic products such as precision instruments and instruments, etc. Automobile electronic parts, air conditioning and refrigeration components, cold storage insulation materials, machinery and equipment sealing and cushioning parts, heat-setting parts, packaging liners for various precision instruments, medical tools, measuring instruments, sports goods, intellectual blocks, ceramic packaging, etc.

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