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Production technology and advantages of aluminum insulation pipe


Aluminum insulation pipe is a composite insulation pipe composed of medium pipe, insulation layer, jacket pipe, using aluminum foil, soft copper or cross-linked polyethylene such materials with flexibility as the medium pipe, the same use of highly flexible polyurethane foam insulation layer and polyethylene jacket pipe, through the continuous method of production technology to produce a flexible composite insulation pipe with excellent performance and meet the requirements of use.

Aluminum insulation pipe

Aluminum insulation pipe is a thin layer of aluminum foil in the outer layer of insulation materials, mainly aluminum foil composite insulation pipe. aluminum insulation pipe in addition to the commonality of insulation materials, let's say small density, low thermal conductivity, fire retardant performance, heat insulation and cold insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, vibration and shock absorption, resistance to The aluminum foil provides protection for the material, which can resist more damage of the external environment to the insulation material, anti-UV, anti-ozone, anti-water vapor, anti-acid and alkali substances, thus delaying the aging of the aluminum foil composite insulation material and increasing the service life. Aluminum foil composite insulation tube is a kind of insulation board with aluminum foil added in the outer layer, this material can be used for the insulation of the roof of the caravan, and some houses can also be used for the roof. If you want to install more convenient, you can buy the aluminum foil composite insulation board with adhesive backing, when using only need to tear the back of the kraft paper can be easily installed on. Aluminum foil composite insulation pipe can be used in some outdoor pipelines, due to the addition of a layer of aluminum foil, to play a better protection role, than the use of non-aluminum foil insulation pipe life longer, in addition to the smooth surface of aluminum foil, bright color, decorative effect is also good.

The advantages of aluminum insulation pipe.

1. No oxygen seepage, to prevent the growth of algae

2. Small expansion coefficient, no deformation in open installation

3. High stiffness, high toughness, high temperature resistance

4. UV resistance, prevent material aging

5. Heat preservation and energy saving, more economical

6. Firm connection, no leakage, easy installation

7. Sanitary, corrosion resistance

8. Metal pipe anti-ultraviolet, no oxygen seepage, no deformation of the open installation and other characteristics

9. With higher strength and more stable mechanical properties

Aluminum insulation pipe Manufacturer

Aluminum insulation pipe is mainly used for district heating and cooling, in foreign countries, the population is small, the scope of the community is not large, so the small size of the pipe insulation has been able to meet the requirements, with the improvement of customer requirements, to do is to continue to carry out the development of large size Aluminum insulation pipe, will make its application more widely, to obtain a larger market share of the pipeline.

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