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Aluminum insulation pipe in the life of the performance and use

One, the performance of aluminum insulation pipe

Aluminum insulation pipe is a layer of aluminum foil on the ordinary rubber insulation pipe rubber insulation pipe. This rubber pipe has a low thermal conductivity, fire retardant characteristics. The rubber pipe itself has this feature, plus a layer of aluminum foil, due to the characteristics of aluminum foil, the efficacy is enhanced, the thermal conductivity is lower, fire retardant effect is better. With good waterproof and insulation effect. aluminum insulation pipe is a good insulation effect as the main feature, plus the low water absorption rate of rubber plastic, waterproof and moisture-proof effect is also good, plus the waterproof insulation effect of aluminum foil, aluminum insulation pipe insulation and waterproof effect is more prominent. If the ordinary Aluminum insulation pipe service life can reach more than 10 years, then the service life of aluminum foil rubber insulation pipe can be extended at least 3-5 years, this is because the aluminum foil layer can better protect the rubber pipe, isolated from the sun and rain, to prevent oxidation and corrosion by airborne substances, thus extending its service life.

Is it harmful to human body? Because Aluminum insulation pipe is a kind of elastic sheet with closed bubble structure, there are many small closed bubbles distributed inside, and some bad substances are enclosed in the bubbles, which cannot be dispersed under the general temperature and humidity, so Auspicious Plastic tells you that Aluminum insulation Therefore, Auspicious Plastic can tell you that the harm of aluminum insulation pipe is very small, so don't worry.

Aluminum insulation

Second, the characteristics of aluminum insulation pipe

With super insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation, cushioning, shock resistance, flexibility, light weight, anti-friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and a series of superior use characteristics.

Aluminum insulation Manufacturer

Third, the application of aluminum insulation material

Automobile, air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, household appliances, engineering refrigeration and refrigeration and freezing, etc.; skates, sports shoes lining materials, sports shoe insoles, luggage back pads, surfboards, kneeling pads; base material for high-grade foam tape products; ice warehouse, cold-proof buildings, light roofs, building installation and other building insulation and thermal insulation materials; seats, car interiors, roofs, foot pads, sun visors materials for automobiles; electrical appliances, The shockproof cushioning packaging of electronic products such as precision instruments and instruments, etc. Automobile electronic parts, air conditioning and refrigeration components, cold storage insulation materials, machinery and equipment sealing and cushioning parts, heat-setting parts, packaging liners for various precision instruments, medical tools, measuring instruments, sports goods, intellectual blocks, ceramic packaging, etc.
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