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foam protection tube in the procurement and construction process considerations

How to choose foam protection tube?

1. you can observe the surface gloss to understand the advantages and disadvantages of foam protection tube, you can also use your hand to touch the surface to observe the smoothness

2. test, foam protection tube hardness and material thickness and quality are inseparable, it is best to do their own experiments to test

3. price, a price is worth a penny, low prices are often accompanied by low quality, so you need to pay extra attention to this point.

4. service, we should consider whether the after-sales service is good when purchasing foam protection tube.

foam protection tube

What do I need to pay attention to when installing foam protection tube?

1. foam protection tube production in addition to high-density polyethylene outer sheath, and then in the polyethylene outer sheath and the gap between the steel tube and then casting polyurethane rigid foam production process. Each step should be taken seriously, from cutting the pipe, hot melt pipe to insulation and shell. After completion, it should be carefully inspected and accepted.

2. In order to prevent accidents, it is recommended to find professionals to install and not to affect the future use.

3. Pay attention to the project cost.

4. Test the value of heat loss. Excellent foam protection tube reduces the overall heat loss of heating pipes, and the heat loss of heat network should be less than the international standard requirement of 10%.

5. Pay attention to the anti-corrosion performance and insulation performance. Because foam protection tube is closely combined with the outer skin of steel pipe, so air and water penetration can be used as good anti-corrosion performance.

6. meet the requirements of environmental protection. foam protection tube does not need to excavate huge trench, only need to bury the insulation pipe into the ground, so it greatly reduces the construction land of the project.

5. Safety

6. service life. foam protection tube should be able to reach 30-50 years of service life.

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